RCS Global Pty Ltd

MBC Macarthur Business Centre

Started in 2009, MBC Macarthur Business Centre is the first of our Business Centres. MBC provide Permanent, Casual & Virtual Office Services and other Administrative Services for businesses in the Macarthur Region and beyond.

We have been actively working since that time establishing Service Standards, developing Policy & Procedure Manuals, fixing Telecommunications and IT issues before starting more Business Centres in new locations.

For further information, please view our website: www.macbusiness.com.au, or email us


AusCall Solutions

Starting in 2013, AusCall Solutions will be our first Inbound Call Centre.

AusCall Solutions operate Virtual Office, Phone Answering and Message Services Australia-Wide.

Our first Call Centre is located in Sydney for up to 30 Full-Time employees and a second Call Centre is planned for Brisbane / Gold Coast Region.

We promote family friendly employment environment.

For further information, please view our website: www.auscall.com.au, or email us at


ARCS Mercantile

Started in 2005, ARCS Mercantile specialise in Commercial & Investigative Services for Business, Finance & Legal Sectors.

Fully Licensed with NSW Police (CAPI), our confidence and integrity ensures customer's receive prompt accurate service in all aspects of our business.

For further information, please view our website: www.arcsmercantile.com.au, or email us at


Established in 2013, ProcessService.com.au is a fully licensed Process Service company serving the needs of law firms, individuals, business, financial institution and government organisations across the nation.
By sending your documents to us you can have confidence they will be managed by experienced and professional Agents with an established track record of success.

Our quality control systems ensure services is effected correctly, at competitive rates and by the required date.

We provide proper Affidavit of Service and Service Reports in a timely manner for all documents as required.
For further information, please view our website: www.processservice.com.au, or email us at